About The Brand

The Brand

Glamorous. Feminine. Luxurious. 

C&C Los Angeles is an European influenced design house headquartered in sunny Los Angeles, California. We have combined the rich heritage of Los Angeles and our influences from worldwide travels to create a shoe and accessory design house dedicated to Old Hollywood glamour and femininity.

Handcrafted in Italy

Crafted in Italy by artisans whom have dedicated their lives to making the world's finest shoes, every pair of C&C shoes is a testament to that commitment to excellence. Each shoe is a true work of art and a lasting testament to the timeless and lasting beauty of quality.

We understand couture craftsmanship, unique design details, and decadent finishing touches that make a designer shoe undeniably special for women.Our brand is defined by exquisite materials such as fine leathers and suede, satin, ornate embellishments, and fine detailing.


We offer a unique fusion of coastal LA living and European fashion to create an unique brand that meets the demands of sophisticated, modern women today. C&C Los Angeles is playful, feminine, and most importantly over the top glamorous. We offer various styles and silhouettes that can be incorporated into a woman's everyday wardrobe or be worn out for a spectacular night out.